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Coaching is a great tool for revealing the answers within you and moving towards a goal, but intuitive coaching skips some steps and taps right into your energy field, reveals messages for you and teaches you how to trust your own intuition.
Your intuition is your best friend who knows everything about you. We often forget to listen to our gut feeling, even though it usually tells you exactly what you need to know. I can guide and coach you in matters that are important to you, to get you along your way and reaching goals while nurturing your soul.


I have a bag full of tools and experiences at your service

The universe

Intuitive Coaching

A combination of traditional coaching and my intuitive skills, to help you find the answers you need. I have a large number of tools that I use intuitively based on what you need the most.

60 minutes 125USD/120EUR/895DKK
30 minutes 70USD/65EUR/475DKK
Tarot cards

Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are used as a coaching tool, where they reveal to me what you need to know and help you make decisions or find solutions.

Execute are we in agreeance what do you feel you would bring to the table if you were hired for this position, nor closer to the metal goalposts, are there any leftovers in the kitchen?.

60 minutes 125USD/120EUR/895DKK
30 minutes 70USD/65EUR/475DKK

Life Patterns

Some of us are stuck in patterns and do not know or understand why. I can investigate this through looking at your past or previous lives, to determine why you have the pattern, what the purpose of it is and how to change it.

60 minutes 125USD/120EUR/895DKK
30 minutes 70USD/65EUR/475DKK

Channeled drawing

I open up to receive pictures which I turn into a drawing containing a message for you. It is like a clairvoyance, but with an outcome to keep as art, a reminder or for your visionboard. You get a high quality picture of the drawing and a soundfile with explanation. I can send you the drawing at your expense, if you prefer the original.

1 drawing with reading 95USD/90EUR/675DKK


michelle andreassen

Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Facilitator, Psychic

Coaching has always been a part of my DNA. I see the details, understand patterns and use my intuitive gifts. Helping, guiding, and motivating people to be, feel and do better gives me great pleasure, and since I discovered how to use my psychic abilities purposefully, everything just makes more sense.


  • Clairvoyant Medium Healer - Judy Rasmussen, Skolen for Clairvoyance, Medieskab og Healing
  • Yoga Life Coach - Transformation Academy Coaching
  • How to be a Psychic Medium - Julian Jenkins
  • Definitive Spiritual Guide to Psychic Mediumship Development - Julian Jenkins
  • Yoga Teacher - Adishakti Yoga Shala
  • Spiritual Facilitator - Heart Spirit
  • Reiki level I, II and Master/Teacher Program - Lisa Powers (currently level 2)
  • Trance Healing - Daniela Hills
  • Spiritual Healing 1 & 2 - Common Sense
  • Young People and Anxiety - Generator
  • Coaching for supervisors - Business Academy Aarhus


Get full support for a specific area in your life

path in the forest

Life Purpose

We can have many life purposes, but sometimes just finding or managing one can be hard. Let me help you find the best way to go and how to be supported by your guides and surroundings on your journey.

business strategy


Running a business can be tough and sometimes you can use a little help finding the best solutions. Business coaching focuses on your business or on your leadership, and helps you identify where and/or how to take action.

A field of sunlit sunflowers

Self Worth

When we are low on self worth everything in life can feel like an obstacle. I can help you find confidence in yourself, tap into your inner power and give you the strength needed to accomplish great things.

With a coaching package we make a plan for your sessions, your focus area(s) and the wanted outcome. You will have access to my coaching eight times over a period of three months, followed by a status session. If another format is needed, we can arrange different terms.

Price 800USD/650EUR/4900DKK

Please contact me for an initial conversation, where we talk about your challenges or wishes. This is free of charge. If you have another area than the three above, feel free to contact me to hear if I can be of assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for my session?

I accept PayPal, bank transfer and MobilePay (Danish solution). The session is paid up front, so for a bank transfer you need to pay some days in advance. Should you need to cancel the arrangement, I will of course refund you the money.

Can I get a recording of the session?

You are free to record the session and I will record for you if the software permits it. I advise you to also take notes, since that will tell you what was most important to you during the session.

Is this as effective online as opposed to in person?

Absolutely. The coaching tools do not work better in person and my connection to your energy works just as well from a distance. For my psychic abilities, I actually prefer the distance, so my mind doesn't get too analytical based on visual impressions.

How do I book an appointment?

You can follow the link in the menu to booking on facebook or you can call me or contact me through WhatsApp. Contact details are below in the footer.